Meet the Veterinarian

Your horse's health and wellbeing are important to you, and Dr. Karen Riedlinger, MS, CVA, DVM, an experienced equine veterinarian, will make every effort to give your animal optimal care. Dr. Riedlinger operates a first-rate, full-service equine practice that provides routine medical care, including vaccinations and medication prescriptions. Dr. Riedlinger also provides dental care, field surgeries and complimentary medicine, as well as emergency services.

The compassionate equine veterinarian can also guide you in every aspect of your horse’s maintenance regimen, including day-to-day care, nutritional requirements and any specific needs.

Dr Riedlinger graduated from Colorado Sate University with an undergraduate degree in microbiology, a masters degree in animal nutrition and a degree in veterinary medicine. She is passionate about providing the gold standard in equine medicine.  Her hobbies are her 3 kids, reading, crossfit and hockey.   

Common Conditions That Dr. Riedlinger, MS, CVA, DVM Treats

Horses are like any other animal, in that they are prone to certain diseases and illnesses. When it comes to equines, there are a number of conditions that can occur, including the following.

  • Colic: abdominal pain
  • Lameness: Often affecting the hooves, this condition can cause limping, pain and difficulty standing or moving.

Dr. Karen Riedlinger, MS, CVA, DVM, a licensed veterinarian in Wellington, is familiar with these and other diseases and is trained to, not only treat them, but also to give you the tools and tips you need to prevent them from reoccurring.

Some of the signs of these illnesses are faint, so it's important to report any changes in your horse's habits or behaviors, as Dr. Riedlinger, MS, CVA, DVM will rely on these details to help diagnose and treat your horse, whether the veterinarian is treating your horse to promote general wellness care or address a serious condition.